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First of all, welcome and we hope that once you have looked through our website and satisfied yourself with our commitment to quality tuition and accommodation together with competitive prices you will choose one of our courses!

We are an Irish organisation established for many years and comprising tutors who have long years of experience in the one-to-one sector and particularly as hosts offering English language immersion courses. We offer Online Courses and In-person Lessons if these are more convenient for some of our clients. Our business is about providing first class courses in the English language. We offer:

One-to-One English language lessons that are effective
Homestay immersions - Lessons - Online courses
Qualified, experienced and hospitable tutors
Extremely comfortable accommodation
Competitive prices guaranteed
Quality assured at all stages

Our tutors, supported by the management team at all times, are carefully selected and are all well known to us. Most of our tutors have been working with us for many years with a proven track record. Client satisfaction is paramount and we look for constant feedback during our courses.

Our clients have full access to our management team at all times and in this way we can guarantee that you will have the course that meets your expectations and hopefully surpass them. On booking a course with us we will nominate a professional from our management team as your "contact person" who will liaise and keep in constant contact with you.

We would be very pleased to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Some facts

We have been providing One-to-One English language immersion courses for over a quarter of a century. Over those years we have worked hard to build a reputation for excellence and dependability in our field of education of which we are very proud.

We are a small "hands-on" management team and work with a group of highly experienced professional teachers with internationally accredited English language teaching and professional qualifications. This ensures our clients receive the benefit of properly directed and structured tuition.

We are all native English speakers with a strong commitment to providing a professional yet welcoming service to our clients. Each of our tutors is well known to us and part of a close knit team.

Our commitment and dedication...

Our company is a small one with a focus on quality rather than quantity and we are committed to providing the highest standard tuition and accommodation. Our commitment and dedication to this end is absolute.

We at Immersion are experienced in all aspects of One-to-One teaching, online teaching and of course with the method of language immersion. Not only are all our teachers fully qualified to teach English with a proven record of success in their various professional disciplines, but they are also very friendly, understanding and above all patient!

You can be sure that you will receive individual attention and thoroughly enjoy your experience meeting new people and making lasting friendships while practising your English.

client satisfaction with a special contact person available to you

We provide support to all our students from the time they arrive in Ireland to the time they leave. You will have your own senior "contact person" from our management team available to you. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

Stay with your tutor and family

All immersion courses offer our clients the opportunity to stay with their tutor's family where a unique course is designed and taught to meet the actual needs of the individual client. In this way each client is assured the benefit of an appropriately directed course and enjoys a proper immersion experience in the language and culture. All tutors' homes are inspected by us being part of a regular review.

A personalised course that meets your needs

One-to-One immersion with your own teacher allows for for a personalised course that meets your needs while helping you to achieve your objectives. Our tutors are first class with recognised teaching and university qualifications. We offer comfortable accommodation in good areas convenient to public transport. We deliver what we say by setting high standards which must be met by all of us at Immersion.

one-to-one immersion...

Meaningful progress with your English from PEOPLE who care

English language Immersion in Ireland with your own tutor in a family environment and online