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Working with Partners in the One-to-One sector

Who we work with

We welcome contact from:

✓ Language Schools
✓ Language and Travel Agents
✓ Individual Teachers
✓ Companies for their staff members
✓ Other interested parties who require English tuition in the EFL sector

Our tutors are a select group of top educators who work with individuals and from time to time on a 2-1 basis. English language tuition is provided by way of immersion home tuition, online lessons and lessons where students have their own accommodation.

We are always interested in establishing a working relationship with those who share our ideals for One-to-One English language tuition. Please see details in the next column.


Our Ideals
We offer a specialised service in the one-to-one home stay tuition end of the market. On request we accept 2-1 courses where the students are partners, friends or siblings of similar standard. We also provide Online courses and lessons only if clients prefer this method of delivery. Our courses are suited to the needs of individual student rather than groups: however we work with companies to solve their language needs on a one-to-one basis. For reasons we hope you will appreciate, we do not take large groups. In this way we can realistically make a commitment to provide quality tuition resulting in successful courses. We firmly believe our one-to-one immersion courses should always be focused on the individual student and if you hold the same views then we welcome hearing from you.

One-to-one home stay immersion courses represent a steadily growing segment of the language course market but it still remains a very select area requiring individual care and attention. Many of our referrals come from companies, language schools, individual teachers, English language course agents or travel agents where individual clients are referred. However, our greatest asset in this respect is the goodwill we enjoy from past students and their families and friends. We also particularly welcome enquiries from companies that may have specific requirements for their staff and our one-to-one courses represent a most efficient solution in terms of time and cost. We are prepared to offer discounts for multiple referrals.

If you are interested in discussing possible referrals to us please contact us and will be very pleased to discuss terms with you and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively please complete the short form in the adjoining column and will answer you as soon as possible.