Well, you are probably wondering what a One-to-One Immersion Course is all about! Here is a short description of a typical 20 hour General English course for one week.

Tutor's home

The course

For example, you have decided on a 20 hour general English course in Dublin for one week. You have already been in contact with your tutor by phone or email. Remember to tell your tutor when you will be arriving well in advance of your course and do not forget to book your flights so that you can arrive at your tutor's home at a convenient time. On your arrival in Dublin on Sunday, unless you have asked for an airport transfer, you can take a taxi to your tutor's house or one of the Airport Aircoach services to a nearby hotel. You have already received full information about your pick-up at the airport or public transport to a nearby point for collection. You will be met by your tutor at the local coach stop if you are taking a coach. On your arrival you will be welcomed by the family and made to feel at home. Sunday evening is usually spent relaxing and getting used to your new surroundings. You will be shown around your tutor's home and everything you need to know about the house or apartment is explained to you. You will be shown your room and you can unpack and settle in. If you arrive in time for dinner, this is usually taken between 18:30 and 19:30.

For your week, the first meal of the day is breakfast and depending on the lesson schedule your tutor has prepared, this meal is usually taken between 08:30 and 09:00 but times may vary.

Your one-to-one lessons take place between 09:00 and 13:00 Monday to Friday with one or two short breaks for coffee, tea or alternative refreshment. On the first morning your level will be assessed and your specific needs identified by your tutor during the first lesson. Do not worry as your tutor will carefully consult with you to ensure that those language areas important to you will be part of the course. During the morning there will be many different activities covering speaking, pronunciation, listening, and a little grammar to name a few! The lessons will be varied and at a speed suitable to you so that you should never feel bored or stressed. You will be learning and practising English from the first moment. Some homework is recommended for the next day to allow practice of language covered that day.

Lunch is usually taken about 13:15 with your tutor and other family members who are at home. After lunch you will be invited to explore the surrounding area with your tutor. This will give you an opportunity to do some sightseeing and make some plans for the following days. You are free to do as you want and your tutor and family will always give you advice on where to go and what to see.

Tutor's garden

Dinner is usually taken between 18:30 and 19:30 but do please note that this varies from tutor to tutor. Usually, this is the main meal of the day and is substantial. If you have informed us of any special dietary needs these are respected including any foods you do not like. Our tutors are good cooks and we in Ireland have a European diet that focuses on healthy but appetising food. Dinner in Ireland tends to be earlier than in the south of Europe for example but rarely before 18:30 and provides an ideal opportunity for a chat with the family.

After dinner you are welcome to join your tutor to watch a film on TV or Netflix. Of course, there will be a little homework to do in the evenings and you are free to relax as you wish, especially if you are tired. There will be plenty of opportunities to speak with your tutor and family who will take you on a couple of visits in the area during your week. While your tutor will show you some places of interest, please note if you would like your tutor to accompany you on a specific outing not in the vicinity of the tutor's home, you are expected to pay for your tutor.

Sandycove, South Dublin

As for lessons, each day there will be a review of the previous day's work and practice of any important language areas. Important points will be covered and you will be encouraged to use the language learned. All relevant language skills will be covered and any matters important to you will be part of the course. Your suggestions will always be welcome and taken into account.

You will receive regular feedback from your tutor and your progress will be carefully monitored. Your tutor will make some relevant suggestions for your continuing improvement on the final day of lessons. The whole purpose of an Immersion course is to 'immerse' you in the English language while you enjoy the comfort and hospitality of your family. In this way your experience should be a pleasant one and a very satisfying way of improving English. we want your Immersion course to be an experience to remember and hopefully, we will see you again some day. Remember you are always welcome to stay in touch with us after your course has finished.

As this example refers to a one-week course you course comes to an end on Saturday - Friday evening is also possible if this is more convenient for you. If you have arranged airport transfers, your tutor will take you to the terminal your flight is leaving from. Otherwise, your tutor will take you to the nearest pick up point for the coach service to the airport or call a taxi for you if you prefer.