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The One-to-One method without doubt represents the most efficient method of learning in terms of time and cost. With the pressures and constraints of everyday life, time can be in short supply. As there is only one student - you - it is an excellent way of making rapid progress with your English in a short time. You stay with your tutor and family and have every opportunity to participate and converse with your tutor and family outside lessons so you are never alone. Your course is personalised and specifically designed to satisfy your needs. Our immersion courses include full-board accommodation (all meals included) in your own comfortable bedroom, your one-to-one tuition and all course materials. When you count the total cost of attending group lessons, paying for separate accommodation, daily commuting and your meals you will see that our courses represent excellent value for money. Indeed our students have told us so.

We at Immersion put you first, and in the interests of quality and comfort we have made a deliberate decision to confine the majority of our courses to the one-to-one method. Apart from teaching, this is the only way to achieve a proper immersion experience with no distractions. We are sure you will approve and see this decision as a strong indication of our commitment to quality and putting your interests first.

See below for additional reasons why you should choose a one-to-one immersion course with us that properly delivers.

You are the focus


➢ One student One teacher - by far the best for progress.

So different to other courses...

The traditional methods of learning in large classes of varying standards and needs, from DVDs, even CDs and books using outdated methods can be very slow and frustrating. Even with the best of intentions and not in any way doubting your motivation, it is easy to lose interest, become de-motivated and finally give up! Once this happens it can be very difficult to get going again. This is not an experience you have with our courses where you are the focus of our attention and encouragement at all times.

Yes, it takes a little effort but with interesting lessons and constant encouragement you will find it an enjoyable and productive experience.

one part of an equation

Undoubtedly, One-to-One tutoring represents an excellent way of learning but it is also true to say that lessons are one part of the equation. Another very important part is the actual immersion experience of staying with your tutor and family in Ireland and speaking English all day every day! After all, how can you improve unless you actively practise your English in an authentic setting with the guidance and support of your tutor?

Your One-to-One Immersion experience absolutely guarantees progress - provided of course you are willing to do your best!

Your needs prioritised

In the One-to-One situation the tutor designs a course that is appropriate for you and does not have to take into account the needs of other students. The lessons are taught at a pace that suits your style of learning and with you and only you in mind! You will be surprised at how fast the time goes by on an Immersion course. You achieve your objectives in an enjoyable and relaxing manner. Every course is different - please note there is no 'one size fits all' with us.

Immersion in the English language involving one-to-one teaching is without doubt the ideal formula for rapid progress in a relatively short period of time. This applies to all types of courses from our General English to Professional and Business courses. It is the best solution for your language needs. Why not enquire and let us advise you on the most suitable course to meet your objectives. We will be very happy to assist you with any queries you may have and make some recommendations for your study.

A personalised course that meets your needs

One-to-One with your own teacher allows for for a personalised course that meets your needs and greatly helps you achieve your objectives.

one-to-one immersion...

allows for meaningful progress with your English

Comfortable accommodation

You stay with your tutor and family in a pleasant location which is convenient to public transport.

Excellent value for money

Remember your course fees include:

➢ Your accommodation

➢ Your meals

➢ One-to-One tuition for the selected hours

and lots more!

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Options such as extra activities, private bathroom, airport transfers etc. available at extra cost. Please enquire.

English language Immersion in Ireland with your own tutor in a family environment