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We at Immersion have always prioritised the health and safety of our students and tutors with permanent protocols in place for all courses. Your safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us.

We have an enhanced infectious disease policy in place to provide maximum protection against illness and viruses of all kinds while taking a course with us. This is especially important with COVID-19 and we are determined to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Our courses are one-to-one which provides an excellent opportunity to study in a safe yet enjoyable manner. One student studies with one tutor and in this way you can avoid the risks of studying in groups.

The authorities in Ireland have been very active in successfully controlling COVID-19 and most people are now fully aware of the need to practise good hygiene and behave responsibly towards others.

The Irish authorities are cautiously optimistic about reopening the country to visitors and of course this is based on the assumption that the disease continues to be controlled. We are carefully monitoring the situation and will post a notice on our website once we have a date for recommencement.

Once we recommence our in-person courses, we are sure that by following some necessary precautions and taking a common sense approach to everyone's health and safety, it is possible to have a very pleasant experience and improve your English on immersion with us.

We trust that you will be reassured with our approach to health and safety matters. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that we already have a very comprehensive Health and Safety policy for our clients and the measures mentioned above are additional to this. All will be made clear to you. At all times we respect and follow the advice provided by the Irish health authorities which is based on best international practice for the safety of us all.

Please see the information on COVID-19 provided by the Irish Health Service (opens new browser tab).

English language Immersion in Ireland with your own tutor in a family environment